5 TOP highlights in Schwaz

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We have listed 5 tips here that include sights and interesting places in Schwaz and the surrounding area.

Old Town Schwaz

The charming old town of Schwaz is worth a visit with its many hidden treasures. You can reach the beautiful old town of Schwaz via the town square and Franz-Josef-Straße. The town has lovingly and magnificently preserved its medieval flair thanks to some buildings from the heyday of silver mining. A stroll through Schwaz's historic old town, which is well worth seeing, gives you an idea of how much history is hidden behind the old buildings. Franz-Josef-Straße leads along historic buildings to the Maria Himmelfahrt parish church. It is the largest Gothic hall church in Tyrol and the only four-nave church in Europe. The church roof alone is covered with more than 14,000 copper plates.

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Schwaz silver mine

Walk in silver footsteps, learn everything about silver, ore and white gold. The "mother of all mines" promises you an exciting journey into the history of Europe. The largest silver mine of the Middle Ages is "The" sight in Tyrol and is open for you to visit daily until 16 November. After the 800-metre-deep entrance with the mine train, an extraordinary underground experience awaits you. Follow in the footsteps of the miners who mined silver and copper more than 500 years ago and let yourself be transported to a time when the earth was still flat... You will learn interesting details about the social and financial development of Europe. You will also receive amazing statistical information about the way of life back then.

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Freundsberg Castle

It towers high above Schwaz, on a hill visible from afar: Freundsberg Castle. It is the landmark of the silver city of Schwaz! Situated on a steep hill south of Schwaz, it was the ancestral seat of the Knights of Freundsberg. The complex was founded in 1150. Initially, the castle consisted only of the five-storey residential tower (which is still preserved today) and was constantly expanded over the centuries. From 1634 to 1637, the castle church, a jewel of the late Renaissance, was built by merging the palace and the old castle chapel. During a visit to the castle high above the roofs of the Inn Valley, discover, among other things, the history of Schwaz and its Silver Age, the origins of the castle and the life of the Freundsbergers, as well as much more in the local history museum of the castle tower.

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Wolfsklamm gorge with pilgrimage church of St. Georgenberg in Stans

Wildly romantic rocky mountains, thundering waterfalls, emerald green water and a magnificent panorama. With its 354 steps and wooden bridges, the Wolfsklamm gorge is one of the most beautiful in the Alps. A hike through the gorge is an experience that no visitor can resist. The adventurous hike leads over steps, footbridges and rocky gorges along impressive waterfalls. The path climbs only slightly at first - after about 20 minutes of ascent, the real spectacle begins - the power of the water is experienced up close and yet at a safe distance and finally leads to an idyllic stream bed where it is fine to rest, play or romp. Well refreshed, you continue over an imposing wooden bridge to the oldest place of pilgrimage in Tyrol, the rock monastery of St. Georgenberg. Here you can enjoy culinary delights in the inn under ancient chestnut trees.

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