Life below ground as it was then

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It’s been a long time since anyone was searching for stone coal below the Nösslachjoch or for silver in Schwaz. We invite you to participate in an expedition to the old coal mine sites in Tyrol. 

Mine in Gries

Over 300 million years ago, deeper-lying rock layers were pushed up and over younger layers of rock. This phenomenon has occurred only twice in Austria, at Pack between Carinthia and Styria and at the Nösslachjoch (mountain pass).

The distinctive Carboniferous formation is well worth visiting. As well as discovery a stone coal forest in the late Carboniferous times, guests can examine fossils. Here visitors can learn how stone coal was mined and transported. The entrance to the mine is a former mine shaft from which a natural spring flows. The visit brings the past back to life. The experience is rounded off by panoramic views and the stunning natural beauty of the Nösslach mountain. For more information about the individual stations, please consult the information board at the Nösslachhütte (mountain restaurant). This hike takes approx. 1 hour.

Ridnaun Schneeberg Mining World

You are not visiting a museum; rather you are immersing yourself in the mining world. You will sense vividly how the mountain people carried out heavy labour below ground in order to extract the ore from the mountain. The entire production chain of a mountain mine is preserved here. From the ore mining to the arduous transport as far as the ore preparation, we show the entire process and the technical development of the last 800 years with countless original mountain mine installations, which range from 1,400 m up to 2,700 m above sea level. On the guided tour we can put this into operation.

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The Schwaz Silver Mine

In its heyday, around 1500, Schwaz was the biggest mine town in the known world at that time. Around 85% of worldwide silver production came from Schwaz. This was the foundation for the power and politics in the Europe of that time.

The mining railway will take you 800 metres deep underground to what is a remarkable experience. Follow the traces of the miners, which mined for silver and copper over 500 years ago, and wind back the years to a time when the earth was considered flat! Opening times vary from 9/10am or 4/5pm. Please find out in good time! 

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