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Here you can find excursions, where both young and old may enjoy the excursions.

Bärenbachl Kids Adventure World

Located directly by the intermediate lift station of the Bergeralm lift, the Bärenbachl adventure and water world invites to splash and play. “I will show you, in many interactive stations with a lot of fun, games and excitement, how I live with my friends in the forest – see you soon, your friend Noah!” The Bärenbachl adventure and water world comprises a cool adventure trail and a fascinating water world. Let yourself be surprised! After all that activity, fun and action, you will be in need of a little refreshment! Why not pay a visit to the Bärenfalle restaurant next to the storage reservoir where you and your parents can relax and top up your energy levels. Admission to the Bärenbachl adventure and water world is free for all visitors. 

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The BBT Information Center

The new Brenner Base Tunnel Infocenter (named "Tunnelwelten" [Tunnel Worlds]) has been welcoming young and old in to experience and explore the mysterious and exciting world surrounding the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel. The approximately 700 m² in dimension tunnel worlds illustrate, on two levels, the largest tunnel building project in Europe and present insights into the subterranean world of the Alps. 

What does it look like inside a tunnel? Why does a tunnel have to be “round”? Why do we need an anchor for tunnel construction? These questions will be answered in the Tunnel Worlds.

Experience yourself, how exciting and multifaceted the topic of tunnelling is! Numerous exhibits from the most diverse fields, such as history, geology, surveying, tunnel construction, environment and much more invite you to take part, experience and research. Test how many blast holes and explosives one needs to break a few metres of tunnel lose. You even can trigger an explosion! Walk through our display tunnel or construct a tunnel from building stones which does not collapse. An area especially tailored for children within the exhibition and themed play stations outside will also appeal to families. They encourage the children to immerse themselves in the Tunnel Worlds. 

  • The admission is free!
  • Large, free parking area
  • Most suitable for families and as a bad weather schedule

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