Mountaineering village St. Jodok, Schmirn- & Valsertal

Proud mountains - gentle valleys

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Mountain climbing & hiking
In addition to a well-maintained, clearly marked hiking path network for leisure hikers, our mountaineering village also offers mountain climbing tours and high-mountain tours, such as the “Peter Habeler Circuit”, an Alpine hut circular tour lasting several days, during which you go around the mighty Olperer Glacier massif.

Peter Kofler via ferrata
In St. Jodok, a 650-metre-long via ferrata with a B/C difficulty level beckons you to train your climbing skills in rock.

Paradise for ski tourers
In winter, incredible deep-snow slopes attract ski tourers, but there’s also a large selection of routes for snowshoe and winter hikers.

Natura 2000 in the Vals Valley
The diverse and unique fauna and flora in the Natura 2000 area of the Vals Valley is a secret tip for anybody who likes completely untouched nature. A stop at the “Touristenrast” restaurant or at the Helga’s Alm hut ( to taste Helga’s goat cheese specialities is a must.

Schmirn/Vals culinary region
A number of gastronomic restaurans offer specialities made from the North Tyrolean Grauvieh Almochs (Tyrol Grey - Alpine cattle), while in Toldern, right near the only operating horizontal mill (Stockmühle) in North Tyrol, you can let your spirit roam free in an Alpine herbal garden.

At Mountaineering Village partner businesses, Alpine association members receive a 10% discount on the price of an overnight stay. (Further information available here).

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zwei Skitourengeher inmitten der verschneiten Landschaft auf dem Weg auf die Vennspitz in Vals im Wipptal
Skitour auf die Vennspitz in Vals
eine Skitourengeherin inmitten der verschneiten Landschaft im Bergsteigerdorf Schmirn
Skitour Wildlahner im Schmirntal
drei Personen in bunter Winterbekleidung auf dem Weg zur Wahlfahrtskirche Kalte Herberge in Schmirn im Wipptal
Winterwanderung zur Wallfahrtskirche Kalte Herberge
ein Skitourengeher im freien Gelände auf dem Weg auf die Hohe Warte in Schmirn im Wipptal
Skitour auf die Hohe Warte in Schmirn
Sechs Personen beim Aufstieg auf die Vennspitz mit Skitourenski in Vals im Wipptal. Im Hintergrund sieht man die Spur eines bereits abgefahrenen Skitourengehers.
Aufstieg auf die Vennspitz in Vals

Hiking & touring bus

In summer, as well as winter, we will conveniently take you to your tour starting point. The hiking bus will take you to the Schmirn and Vals Valleys even on weekends upon request, when the regional bus service doesn't run. The winter tour transfer is offered daily. It alternates on routes to Padaun or the Schmirn Valley, where you have the ideal starting points for many ski tours, snowshoe treks and winter hiking tours. All the exit points offer rest stops with sun terraces and outstanding regional cuisine to rest after your tour and maybe fill the time until your return transfer.

Alpine pasture school in the Vals Valley

By participating in the “Alpine Pasture School”, visitors to the mountaineering village have the unique opportunity of getting to know life on the pasture. Accompanied by Helga’s herd of goats, interested visitors learn all about the activities on a pasture and on a mountain meadow. Aside from milking and producing cheese, making hay on the mountain meadows is by far the most important summer job of the Älplers.

Further information about basic courses

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