Gries am Brenner

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The village of Gries with 1,280 inhabitants lies at 1,165 m and is situated 5 km before the Brenner Pass, and is thus the last Tyrolean municipality before the Italian border.

This friendly, elongated village is well connected by the Brenner road and the Brenner railway and is popular for overnight accommodation among those heading southward. The village is also a starting point for mountaineering and mountain bike tours in the border area. Particularly well known is the ski touring area around the Sattelberg mountain.

neun Skitourengeher hintereinander auf dem Weg bergauf im Wipptal
Skitour im verschneiten Wipptal
zwei Kinder auf einer Rodel auf der Rodelbahn im Wipptal
Rodeln im Wipptal
ein Skitourengeher in schwarzer Sportbekleidung inmitten der verschneiten Landschaft beim Aufstieg auf den Sattelberg in Gries am Brenner
Skitour auf den Sattelberg
Accommodation in Gries am Brenner

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The place name Gries is found eight times in Tyrol alone and means something like “rubble” or “gravel”. The Brenner route used at one time to run along the Roman road from Steinach via the Nösslach high plateau through to Vinaders. The village of Gries came into being with the construction of the road into the valley in the 16th century. Nösslach, Vinaders, the Venntal, Griesberg and the area up to the Brenner have belonged to the municipality of Gries since the 19th century.

Sunny Nösslach high plateau

The Nösslach high plateau is particularly sunny and forms a central juncture of the Steinach and Obernberg mountains. The area with its unique high grassland areas and sparse larch woodland is part of a nature conservation area and is ideal for walking; of particular interest is the “Bergwerksweg” or mining trail. The small pilgrimage church of St. Jakob (St James) on the Roman road in Nösslach reveals this stunning north-south panorama and is a popular photographic motif.

The Brennersee

This mountain lake, which was created by a landslide in the area immediately below the Brenner Pass, lies at 1,300 m above sea level. Brown and rainbow trout abound in the crystal-clear water with its beautiful shade of green.

Nature at its purest in the Venn Valley

The romantic little Venn Valley, which is basically inhabited by only one family, discharges into the Brennersee from the east. The trail to the “Landshuter Europahütte” mountain refuge and on the famous Kraxentrager (2,999 m above sea level) leads through this unspoilt valley with its magnificent alpine flora. The easy walk from the entrance to the valley is a nice trip for families with small children and ends at a farm with a snack bar and a small chapel.

Ski touring paradise

Ski touring is becoming ever more popular, and the Sattelberg in Gries is widely known as a ski touring mountain with many different options. Whether just to the mountain hut for a refreshment or all the way to the peak, whether by day or by moonlight, for deep powder adventure or a descent on the prepared slope – conditions are perfect for ski touring! Gries am Brenner, ideally situated at the entrance to the Obernberg Valley, is perfect for many more enjoyable ski tours and is very popular with nature lovers and mountain sports enthusiasts for its easy to moderate tours.

Gries am Brenner

A-6156 Gries am Brenner

Gries am Brenner is a municipality in the district of Innsbruck Land in Tyrol, Austria. It was first mentioned in Roman times as a village on the Brenner Pass route. The municipality is in the judicial district of Innsbruck.