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For climbing a mountain, you need a bit of time and some stamina - with that, you would be rewarded in the holiday region of Wipptal: wonderful views of the Stubai and Tux Alps, fresh mountain air and an Edenic peace in the pristine side valleys.

Over 500 km of paths comprise the best-marked network of trails and includes paths for everything from comfortable hiking to mountain summit paths. A wide variety for each grade of difficulty is offered for everyone wearing mountaineering boots and poles to climb the impressive mountains of the Wipptal region. The area is barely developed and therefore pristine nature and lonely peaks are available in abundance.

In the Wipptal region, there is a couple of unique and special mountains. The Blaser in Trins is, for example, the most floral mountain in the Alps, the Olperer in Schmirn is the main peak of the Tux Alps, the Serles in Matrei is known as the High Altar of Tyrol and the Lizumer Reckner in Navis is a rarity due to its dark, rare stones.

In the Wipp Valley, there are many mountain huts, chalets and lodges for staying the night so that a demanding mountain hikes can be done with the help of a break mid-way. Multi-day mountain hikes from hut to hut are also very popular - as part of the Gschnitztaler alpine Hut Tour - you have the opportunity to hike around the Gschnitz Valley in 7 days. Per enquiry there are also stages and even baggage transport. The Mountaineering Villages of St. Jodok, Schmirn and Vals are a starting point of the popular Peter Habeler tour, a six-day walk of the mountain huts with the goal being the circumnavigation of the Olperer massif.

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