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Travel climate-friendly by public transport to the Wipptal and its mountain valleys. Thanks to the good connection by commuter trains (S-Bahn) from Innsbruck or Brenner and bus lines to all valleys, you can reach your holiday destination quickly and relaxed. Your journey from Innsbruck or Brenner and the use of public transport in the region are included in the Wipptal guest card all year round from 01.01.2020.

Let your accommodation know if you are travelling by public transport and you will receive a travel voucher by email. Please print this voucher at home and bring it with you. The travel voucher is valid as a ticket from Innsbruck/Brenner to your booked accommodation (only when presenting photo ID).

NEW: OEBB ticket shop at TVB Wipptal

Since 19.04.2021, the TVB Wipptal (Rathausplatz 1, 6150 Steinach) also operates an ÖBB ticket shop. This means that you can book your train journey from home to your holiday directly with us if you wish, or you can get advice on the best connection. We will send you the rail ticket by e-mail as a pdf file. There are now direct connections to Innsbruck or Brenner from many European cities, so why not look after the environment and travel by train?

Innsbruck & Brenner train connections

The Wipptal region lies precisely between the two railway stations of Innsbruck and Brenner. These two stations are connected by the Brenner train (S3) through the Wipptal region, which runs every hour. There is even a half-hourly connection between Innsbruck and Steinach. Connections and timetables can be found at 

  • Innsbruck-Matrei-Steinach: 35 times a day (every half hour, S-Bahn S3)
  • Innsbruck-Matrei-Steinach-St. Jodok-Gries-Brenner/Brennero: 27 times a day (every hour, S-Bahn S3)
  • Brixen/Bressanone-Franzensfeste/Fortezza-Brenner/Brennero: 26 times a day (every half hour, regional train) 

Overview of direct connections to Innsbruck

  • Munich-Innsbruck: 7 x daily (every 2 hours, Eurocity)
  • Vienna-Salzburg-Innsbruck: 15 x daily (1-Stunden-Takt Railjet & Nightjet)
  • Zurich-Feldkirch-Bregenz-Innsbruck: 8 x daily (2-Stunden-Takt: Railjet, Eurocity & Euronight)
  • Bregenz-Innsbruck: 8 x daily (1-Stunden-Takt Railjet)
  • Lindau-Dornbirn-Feldkirch-Innsbruck: 1 x daily (ICE)
  • Garmisch Partenkirchen-Scharnitz-Innsbruck: 2 x daily (Regionalexpress)
  • Graz-Innsbruck: 2 x daily (Eurocity & Euronight)
  • Verona-Bolzano-Innsbruck: 5 x daily (2-Stunden-Takt Eurocity)
  • Bologna-Bolzano-Innsbruck: 3 x daily(4-Stunden-Takt Eurocity)
  • Venezia-Padova-Innsbruck: 1 x daily (Eurocity)
  • Budapest-Vienna-Innsbruck: 2 x daily (Railjet & Euronight)
  • Bratislava-Vienna-Salzburg-Innsbruck: 2 x daily (Railjet)
  • Zagreb-Lubiljana-Villach: 3 x daily (Railjet & Euronight)
  • Hamburg-Hannover-Göttingen-Würzburg-Augsburg-Innsbruck: 6 x daily (Nightjet, ICE + Eurocity)
  • Düsseldorf-Köln-Frankfurt-Würzburg-Innsbruck: 6 x daily (Nightjet, Intercity + Eurocity) 
  • Berlin-Leipzig-Erlangen-Innsbruck: 9 x daily (ICE + Eurocity)
  • Praha-Brno-Vienna-Innsbruck: 6 x daily (Intercity + Railjet)
  • Roma-Firenze-Bologna-Innsbruck: 6 x daily (Frecciargento + Eurocity)
  • Stuttgart-Ulm-Augsburg-Innsbruck: 6 x daily (ICE + Eurocity)

Autotransport täglich von Düsseldorf nach Innsbruck (einzige Entladestelle in Tirol ist Hauptbahnhof Innsbruck). Alle Bahnverbindungen aus Europa nach Innsbruck finden Sie hier bei der Reisezeitenkarte:

Bus connections into the mountain valleys

The main valley of the Wipptal region is home to the train stations of Matrei (for Navis, Mützens) and Steinach (for Trins, Gschnitz, Gries, Obernberg, Schmirn and Vals), which are often the starting points for bus routes. The departure times here are coordinated with the train timetable. 

More information about timetables you'll find at or you download for free the VVT SmartRide App (Download for iOS, Download for Android), which includes all timetable of public transport within Austria (live) and also timetables for public transport in South Tyrol.

  • Matrei-Mühlbachl-Pfons-Navis: bus 8365
  • Steinach-Trins-Gschnitz: bus 4146
  • Steinach-Stafflach-St. Jodok-Vals oder Schmirn: bus 4144
  • Schönberg-Matrei-Steinach-Stafflach-Gries-Vinaders-Obernberg: bus 4145
  • Steinach-Matrei-Ellboegen-Patsch-Innsbruck: bus 4141
  • Steinach-Brenner-Noesslach-Steinach: bus 4143

Further links to service facilities

  • Tyrol station shuttle: can be booked from Innsbruck Central Station with the shuttle dropping off directly in front of the hotel door at buchbar
  • Rental car: Rail and Drive location in Innsbruck bookable at 
  • Wipptal taxi services: click here