Trial days at the Alpine pasture school

A weekend on the pasture & on the mountain meadow

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For as long as anyone can remember, mountain farmers have been cultivating the steep pastures and mountain meadows in the Vals Valley. Valsertal is one of the most authentic valleys in Tyrol. The fact that a major part of the valley area has been a nature preserve for around 80 years has helped to retain the wealth of plants and animals for which the Vals Valley is famous.

By participating in the “Alpine Pasture School”, visitors to the mountaineering village have the unique opportunity of getting to know life on the pasture up close. Accompanied by Helga’s herd of goats, interested visitors learn all about the activities on a pasture and on a mountain meadow. Aside from milking and producing cheese, making hay on the mountain meadows is by far the most important summer job of the Älplers.


Thursday       Arrival at the mountaineering village of St. Jodok/Vals, overnight stay at booked accommodation
Friday07.54 amTransit on the Postbus to the Vals final stop next to “Gasthaus Touristenrast”, there at 8.15 am you will meet with Alpine pasture teacher Helga.
Along with a herd of goats, you will explore the area of Helga’s pasture for the entire day. After an introduction on the significance of Alpine pasture management, you discover the hard work that is needed to maintain pastures and mountain meadows as cultural heritage and gain insight into the different activities
Saturday07.54 amTransit on the Postbus to the Vals final stop next to “Gasthaus Touristenrast
Guided hiking tour to an Alpine pasture in the Vals Valley (elevation 2,000 m) with a visit to Erich’s “Land-Art" area. Impressive natural works of art made from stone and wood await the visitor, while a hidden wood chapel and several water wheels round off the artwork collection. The descent will lead straight to the Gasthaus Touristenrast, a mountain climber inn from the very start, which has always been the “base camp” for large mountain tours, such as those to the Olperer Mountain.
SundayAfter breakfast, you can return home or take advantage of the day for a tour in the hiking paradise of the St. Jodok / Schmirn / Vals mountaineering village, for example to the Padaunerkogel, the Ottenspitze or the Sumpfkopf; also, the via ferrata in Stafflach with a B/C level of difficulty promises incredible views
Schule der Alm
Dates 2021
  • 26.08. - 29.08.2021
  • 02.09. - 05.09.2021
  • 09.09. - 12.09.2021
Inclusive services
  • 3 nights / breakfasts in the booked category
  • 1 day on the pasture including a noontime snack and a Tyrolean “Marende” snack in the late afternoon
  • 1 guided tour to the Alpine meadow
  • 1 Muas or Nocken (specialities) straight from the pan
  • 1 dinner (3-course menu) at the “Touristenrast”, restaurant of the mountaineering village
  • tea and non-alcoholic beverages at the pasture included
  • free public bus and transfer back to accommodation with guest card
Prices per person
  • Double room with shower / WC at the Das Lamm mountain climber hotel
    ( for € 278.00
  • Double room with shower / WC at a B&B for € 245.00
  • Double room with sink / shower in the hallway at a B&B for € 230.00

Supplement for a single room at the inn: € 51.00
Supplement for a single room at the B&B: € 24.00

The number of participants is limited to 12 people!

Key information

Please remember to take hiking equipment with you, which should include sturdy mountain shoes, hiking poles, a water bottle and protection against the sun and rain. Surefootedness and a head for heights are required.

We recommend that you arrive using public transport. There are regional trains (S-Bahn) available which run every hour from Innsbruck or Brenner to St. Jodok.

Registration for trial days - please contact:
Helga Beermeister
t: 0043 5272 6270 13