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3 Days Orienteering Festival Tirol 2019

Welcome to another fun O-Event in Tyrol, in the Wipptal valley with its picturesque and runnable sidevalleys.

Competition 27. - 29. june + training maps

  • 3 days competition with Sprint (Thu afternoon) , Long (Fri afternoon)  and Middle Distance (Sat morning) 
  • many NEW MAPS! 
  • + trainings maps open for running for all the familiy 
  • from Monday 24. until 29. june 2019 
  • Enjoy alpine orienteering in all difficulties and with a holiday programme for the whole family.  


24.-29. juneTraining 01Steinach "Jufa"-short -middle -long
24.-29. juneTraining 02Gschnitztal "St. Magdalena" 
-short -middle -long
24.-29. juneTraining 03Obernberger See-short -middle -long
24.-29. juneTraining 04Obernberg "Waldesruh"-short -middle -long

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Thu, 27.6.E1 SprintSteinach VillageVillage, CC 15:00 
Start: 16-16:30
Fri, 28.6.E2 LongMaria WaldrastForest, CC 15:00
Start: 16-16:30
Sat, 29.6.E3 Middle Schmirn, Football fieldForest, CC 9:00
Start: 10-10:30 

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Cat. Training                      Average  DistanceClasses Competition         Average Distance 
Short (easy/hard)                        2 kmW/M 12             1,5-2,0 km
Middel (easy/hard)                      3 km W/M 14               2,0-2,5 km 
Long (easy/hard)                         4 km W/M 18             2,5-4,0 km 
W/M 19               3,0-7,0 km 
W/M 40                2,8-5,5 km 
W/M 50           2,5-4,5 km 
W/M 60              2,2-4,0 km 
W/M 70              1,8-3,5 km 
W/M Open       1,5-2,2  km 
Beginners      1,5-2,0 km 


 From “5Days of Tyrol2017, Scale 1:4000 & 1:10 000. Equidistance 5 m. Produced 2014-2019 by
Alexander Gavriljuk, Roman. Slobodyanjuk, Oleksandr Iefimenko, Vadym Prokopchuck & Viktor Kirianov.

Description: urban, open landscapes, alpine forests, partly rocky and steep.

Timing and Entry

Timing System

Sportident Air+ Own chips may be used.  2€ per day for rental chips and deposite

Entry Fee 

Your entry is confirmed upon receipt of payment, and will be published on the event page of orienteeringonline.net. You can book single days (EUR) or entire training and competition modules as package. Training is before and during the competition days.

 Competition 27./28./29. JulWM12 
WM Open
Prices 3 StagesEUR 30,00-40,00 EUR 35,00 -50,00EUR 45,00-60,00
(price 1 stage)(EUR 12,00-15,00)(EUR 12,00-20,00)(EUR 18,00-25,00)
Prices ALL TrainingsEasy
EUR 30,00-40,00 
EUR 40,00-50,00 
EUR 50,00-60,00 
(price 1 training map)(EUR 6,00-8,00)(EUR 8,00-10,00)(EUR 10,00-12,00)


Please transfer total amount without bank fees to:

Bank: Raika Wipptal
IBAN AT57 3632 9000 0001 6600

Credit Card Payment is available upon request. 
Transport and accomodation is not included. 
Please contact orienteering@wipptal.at for group accomodation requests. 

Kindly use online Booking System above for your accomodation search in Wipptal.
Please promote the local landlords with your stay in the Wipptal area! 
Welcome to Wipptal! 

Event Centre

Training maps and general information 

  • Touristinformation Steinach,
  • Brennerstraße 67
  • 6150 Steinach am Brenner
  • Opening Hours:
  • Monday-Friday: 8:30-12:00, 14:00-17:00,
  • Saturday 22.6. : 9:00-12:00


Email: orienteering@wipptal.at  Tel: +43 5272 6270 

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5 Days of Tyr.OL

Our Top Event: 10. Juli - 15. Juli 2017
Alpiner Orientierungslauf vom Feinsten -  an 5 Tagen und in 2 Regionen wird die Elite um die besten Plätze kämpfen und den Familien wird ein tolles OL Programm in allen Klassen geboten. Dieser internationale Orientierungslaufbewerb wird zum Highlight im OL Jahr 2017  in Tirol werden.

  • Stage 1,2,3 : Sprint - Mittel und Langdistanz in Steinach in Tirol
  • Stage 4,5 : Mittel und Langdistanz in Imst in Tirol 

Hier geht es zur Event Seite

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