Orienteering in the Wipptal

Running - but where to?

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Orienteering is a sport that fascinates after the first run, provided you have a soft spot for maps. This is the most important piece of sports equipment in orienteering! 

Orienteering in Tyrol, a sport that strengthens body and soul and at the same time takes you to the most beautiful and original Tyrolean natural landscapes. The Wipptal is located 20 km south of the Olympic city of Innsbruck, in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps. Here, highly interesting maps and beautiful mountain scenery invite you to run, orientate and spend your holidays.

What exactly is orienteering?

Orienteering, often called OL for short, is a running sport in which the runner uses a map and compass to cover a route in the terrain that is only defined by individual control points, so the runner has to find the best route for himself.
It is therefore a sport that requires not only physical fitness but also a high level of mental performance. Orienteering, which developed in Scandinavia especially at the beginning of the 20th century, is now practiced worldwide, but it still has the highest popularity in Scandinavia and is a popular sport there. In addition to the classic orienteering, there are numerous variations of the sport, such as mountain bike orienteering and ski orienteering.

What does the equipment look like?

The orienteering map
The map is the most important tool for orientation. Today, mostly specially produced orienteering maps are used, which differ from conventional topographic maps by their higher level of detail. Therefore, they show the terrain on a particularly large scale, according to IOF regulations 1:10,000 or 1:15,000, and for sprints also up to 1:4,000. Printed in red on the map are the course to be covered (start, post, finish) and additional competition-related information such as food and medical posts and any prohibited areas or compulsory routes.

The compass
After the map, the compass is the most important orientation aid. Usually, special orienteering compasses are used for orienteering, which are characterized by simple and fast handling. On the one hand the compass is used for classification, i.e. for the correct orientation of the map, and on the other hand for locating the point you are looking for.

Clothing and footwear
Most of the time, orienteering is done with orienteering shoes specially made for orienteering. These are light and sturdy shoes with hard soles, often with short steel spikes ("dobb spikes") to increase the skid resistance. There are low models, but also those that reach over the ankle. In addition to shoes, gaiters or reinforced stockings are often used to protect the shins from injuries caused by ground vegetation.

Training camps & competitions

Together with our partner Laufklub Kompass Innsbruck we organize training camps and competitions on an international level. We offer training packages for clubs, open training camps for individual runners, high-level international and regional competitions and are active in school sports. We believe that this nature-compatible sport has a prosperous future for our unspoilt mountain valleys and alpine landscapes and welcome you to the Wipptal!

The most important sports equipment in orienteering: the map

Since 8 years the mountain valleys and sportive interesting areas of the Wipptal have been mapped for Ski-OL and Foot-OL maps. Every year new maps and extensions of existing maps are added. The cartographers are on the road for months to create these very detailed maps. As a basis they use ortho-photos, whose "resolution" they increase by countless hours in the field, mapping terrain forms up to one meter and capturing the vegetation in color. With our interesting, multi-layered and accurate map material we are THE Orienteering destination in Tyrol.

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