The Wipptal Mountain Breakfast

A regional breakfast for our guests

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With the Wipptal mountain breakfast, we want to start an initiative to bring more regional products – especially those from the Wipptal – to the breakfast table in your accommodation. Because it does not only make a difference when it comes to taste where the products originate from; behind it all, there is a story and people who live and work for it with passion. 

What is the Wipptal mountain breakfast?

More and more people are placing value on high-quality products that do not have several thousand kilometres of transportation routes behind them and have been mass-produced. We try to deliver the products of our producers and farmers right to all our accommodations. Although these products are not organic, the eggs, for example, originate from happy, free-range farm chickens in Steinach. For our farmers in the Wipptal holiday region it is a good incentive to continue producing or even increase the amount of farm products. “Regional” means: products from the Wipp Valley and Tyrol.

What will be on the table?

The breakfast is frequently presented in buffet form – because then the source of each individual, regional product can be identified. For smaller servings, we will serve breakfast at the table, as your host will then inform you of the products.  

These products are a MUST:

  • Fresh bread from a local baker or even farmhouse bread
  • Sausage or bacon from a local butcher or farmer
  • Dairy products (butter, milk, yoghurt) direct from our farmers or Tyrol/South Tyrol
  • Free-range, farm eggs or even from our own barn
  • Honey from local bee keepers
  • At least 2 types of herbal tea from the region
  • Seasonal vegetables or fruits

Some of our partner-accommodations even offer homemade products, such as jam or spreads.

Accommodation offering the Wipptal mountain breakfast

Additional partners of importance

Genussspechte Wipptal (the woodpeckers from the Wipp Valley) – an association that promotes, specifically, the interchange between producers and gastronomy in the Wipptal holiday region. More about that at –

Wipptaler Bauernladele is a small business in Steinach town centre (Brennerstrasse 41, 6150 Steinach) that supplies products of the Genussspechte Wipptal, as well as offering additional farm products from the region and Tyrol.